How vivo Uses Cookies and Similar Technologies
The use of cookies and similar technologies by vivo Communication Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. on the vivo VISION+ website is described as below.
What are cookies and similar technologies?
A cookie is a text file stored by a web server on a computer or mobile device, the content of which can be retrieved and read only by the server that created such cookie. Cookies are unique to the browser or mobile application you are using. The text in a cookie often consists of identifiers, site names, and some numbers and characters.
Similar to cookies, Local Shared Objects (also known as “Flash cookies”) and HTML5 local storage also store information on your device and can record some information about your activities and preferences.
In addition to cookies, vivo also uses web beacons or pixel tags on this website. A web beacon is usually an electronic graphic image embedded into a website or email to identify your device cookies when you browse the website or email. Pixel tags allow vivo to send emails in a way that is readable to you and find out whether an email is opened. For example, you may receive an email from vivo that contains a clickthrough URL linking to a vivo webpage. If you click the link, vivo will track your visit to help us learn about your products and services preferences and improve our customer services. You can unsubscribe from the mailing list of vivo at any time if you do not want to be tracked in this manner.
vivo uses the following types of cookies and similar data on this website:
Essential cookies and data of similar technologies
What are essential cookies and data of similar technologies?
Cookies and data of similar technologies are necessary for the normal operation of the website, which cannot be turned off without affecting the function of the website.
Why do we use essential cookies and data of similar technologies?
Normally, vivo uses these cookies to perform specific functions on the website, such as user authentication. Furthermore, vivo also uses HTML5 local storage to record your settings and choices, for instance, your choice of the website language.
What data do we collect and use?
Essential cookies may contain IDs that are used to distinguish you from other users of the website. These types of unique IDs are applied to maintain server sessions to accomplish your requests, and these sessions are deleted when you log out of the site.
Do we share data with third parties?
vivo uses third-party website infrastructure providers to help us build and manage our website, such as hosting our website resources. In addition, third-party services that this site services rely on may set cookies when you visit this site to accomplish related services.
Can I decline these cookies and related technology data?
You can set your browser to block or warn you of these cookies and data, however, some parts of the website cannot function normally without them. To find out how to set your browser to block or warn you of these cookies and related technologies data, please refer to Internet Explorer Google Chrome Mozilla Firefox Safari Opera
Analytic Cookies and Data of Similar Technologies
What are analytic cookies and data of similar technologies?
Analytic cookies and data of similar technologies help vivo to calculate the number of visits, understand the source of visitors, measure and improve website performance accordingly, and gain a better understanding of the least and most popular pages. Also, third-parties that provide these statistical services, such as Google Analytics and Facebook, use analytic cookies and data of similar technologies to collect and process your anonymized personal data and provide us with aggregated data of website visitors.
We use these cookies to understand how visitors interact with our websites, for instance, to see if users are abandoning certain pages or experiencing problems. Besides, vivo uses these cookies to monitor the performance of our websites for legitimate interests. You can refuse analytic cookies at any time in the cookies setting.
Why do we use analytic cookies and data of similar technologies, and collect those data?
The purpose of using these technologies is to track website user journeys, and to measure and analyze the performance of websites and services. For example, by using third-party analytic tools commonly adopted in the industry, vivo collects the following information on the website: (Note: All information below is anonymized.)
1. IP data: It will be used to generate geographic information reports on the number of users in different countries.
2. Device data: The report will include what device, browser, and technical configuration, etc., the users are using.
3. User ID: It will be used to determine whether the user is a new visitor.
4. User behavior data: It will be used to record users’ visits, clicks and stays on the website to learn consumers’ interests.
How long do we keep these data?
The retention period for analytic cookies varies depending on the purpose of the cookie. For example, some cookies only store information for 24 hours to remember that you were the only visitor to the website on that day. Others may last up to 24 months. For example, vivo may publish two versions of the same page to see which version is more effective and popular, and the cookie will recall whether you visited version A or version B of that page and ensure that you see the same version when you visit it again, therefore vivo gets clear data results from our A/B tests.
Do we share data with third parties?
(1) vivo uses third-party website infrastructure providers to help us build and manage our site, and has taken necessary measures to ensure cookies and related technical data are stored securely on their servers.
(2) vivo uses third-party cookies to collect and process your anonymized personal data, and engages advertising and media providers to assist us in analyzing data and serving advertisements to support the operation and management of our website activities.
Our service providers are carefully selected and commissioned by us, bound by our instructions, and will not process your data for any other purpose.
Can I prohibit vivo from using analytic cookies and data of similar technologies?
You can prohibit vivo from using analytic cookies and similar technologies at any time via cookies setting. Please understand and consent that our service relies on some third-party services that may use analytic cookies and data of similar technologies on our site to measure the performance of the service or site, and that our settings are only effective for cookies or data used on our site. To prohibit third-parties from using analytic cookies and data of similar technologies, please refer to their Cookie Privacy Policy.
How vivo Protects Your Personal Data?
vivo implements appropriate technical and organizational security measures to protect your data from unauthorized access, disclosure, use, modification or loss, including the use of encryption technology to ensure the confidentiality of certain data.
Your Rights and Choices
You have the privacy rights granted by the laws of your country. If you have any questions or complaints about how vivo processes your personal data, please contact us as described in the Privacy Policy.
If you believe that our processing of your personal data does not comply with applicable data protection laws, you may contact statutory data protection authorities or lodge a complaint with your local data protection authority.
*Note: Please understand and consent that the cookies used by vivo account may change and that we have no control over them and cannot update them in a timely and effective manner in our Cookie Privacy Policy. If there are other undescribed cookies and data of similar technologies, please refer to the cookies description of vivo account.