Picture of the Year
Zhang Yu | China
Daily Life of Four "Big Mouth Monsters"
Creation stories:
Putting hand into shirt and reaching out from the collar, which posture the kids name "huge mouth monster". Look, two monsters are playing with each other, one monster is staring into space, and another is trying to get into a dog hole. This world belongs to kids, just let them have it. What I have captured is nothing more than some ordinary moments of their world.
Judging panel comments:
Michael Halsband: A funny, sweet, playful and curious moment with good composition, catching a perfect moment, and leaving the viewer to wonder what is going on with all four boys in the picture.
Steve McCurry: Who will refuse to experience childhood life again.
Xiao Quan: Through extremely dramatic composition, the picture vividly reflects the kid's optimistic attitude.
Wang Yan: An interesting moment. A great work does not require much decoration. It is usually dramatic moments that are engraved in people's memories and arouse discussions.
Yu Meng: Kids are simple and naive, representing the childlike innocence at the heart of every adult. Sunlight gets through leaves and spills on the floor and walls, giving warmth to the whole scene. The audience would feel at peace and optimistic when relieving daily worries and adjusting condition.
Honorable Mention
Rifqi Moch Lutpi | Indonesia
Camping Night with Beloved Friends
Creation stories:
One of the enjoyable things to do is camping with friends, and campfire is a way to light up the night and mood.
Judging panel comments:
Xiao Quan: In this quiet and happy evening, a few young men are enjoying a moment free of busy city life.
Wang Yan: The moment of "joy" can be found in a simple and happy gathering. A photo that is filled with emotion and feelings is one that attracts me the most.
Guan Xiaopeng | China
Gaze at the moon
Creation stories:
In a place far away from home, I looked up at the moon and wondered a lot.
Judging panel comments:
Michael Halsband: "Great photograph. Conveys a wonderful feeling."
Steve McCurry: Love the lighting and innocence of the moment.
Xiao Quan: It is a precise description of homesickness.
Wang Yan: A poetic picture. This clean image is the creature of lights.
Yu Meng: The lighthouse is standing in darkness. On the gray, blue waters, the moonlight and lighthouse are the only objects in warm colors. The warmth represents hope. It is so much more than a landscape photo, but a moment of mood.
Arief Satria | Indonesia
Balinese Woman
Creation stories:
The diversity of ethnicities and culture is precious property of our country, and it has irreplaceable meaning of joy.
Judging panel comments:
Michael Halsband: Perfect use of composition and perspective, placing the subject's head in the center of the vanishing point where the road, trees, and sky meet. The overall composition is dynamic and even though there is no movement or extreme emotion, there is great presence and tension in the overall casual and natural feeling.
Steve McCurry: The different cultures of human beings make more wonderful photographic works.
Xiao Quan: An expression of optimistic emotion in an ordinary moment makes the audience want to know more about her.
Wang Yan: Information contained in this simple portrait equals that of a piece of humanitarian book. Every group of people maintains their unique lifestyles.
Yu Meng: Color performance and blurring effect of the portrait mode are good, so is the composition.
Chen Xi | China
Cross the Golden Gate
Creation stories:
Photographed in San Francisco.
Judging panel comments:
Michael Halsband: Very good composition placement/relationship of subject to background, energy is full of life, a happy moment captured to share the feeling with others.
Steve McCurry: Looking at this picture conveys a peaceful and calming effect.
Xiao Quan: The Golden Gate Bridge in the long shot and the figures in the close-up shot echo via colors and deliver this shocking composition.
Wang Yan: The same place has diverse appearances when examined from different angles. The smart photographic composition forms unique aesthetic senses.
Yu Meng: Outstanding work that shows a great mastery of color manipulation.
Đỗ Anh Vũ | Viet nam
Ao Dai Dance
Creation stories:
A girl wearing traditional Vietnamese dress "Ao Dai" is dancing.
Judging panel comments:
Michael Halsband: A beautiful scene, capturing perfect composition.
Steve McCurry: Wonderful Moment, joyful energy.
Xiao Quan: The dancing moves are very inspiring by combining the angel and the hope of healthcare workers.
Wang Yan: A picture of strong oriental charm, simple yet vivid.
Yu Meng: This picture precisely captures the moment the dancer was jumping. The gesture is great, the costume and background are well dealt with, and the tools are well selected.
Chen Lei | China
Opera Watch
Creation stories:
Mianzhu Zimeihua Sichuan Opera Troupe is located in the restored Christian Gospel Church of Mianzhu City, Sichuan Province. All troupe members and their families live in the small houses less than twenty meters away from the stage. Each ticket costs about ten yuan and each performance attracts more than a hundred audiences every day.
Judging panel comments:
Xiao Quan: Life is a drama. Matters in and out the drama, people on and under the stage, form a cultural phenomenon that lasts for hundreds of years and makes the audience deeply moved.
Wang Yan: The video exhibits profound humanitarian caring. It shows that traditional culture needs to be protected and inherited with modern methods.
Yu Meng: A perfectly edited short video. Every transition results from great efforts and thoughts, and demonstrates an excellent combination of shooting and editing. It showcases the author's adept skills.
Lin Haibo | China
Creation stories:
To stimulate businesses in this district, the operators replicated a whole revenue of Japan in this business street. It has attracted many Internet celebrities and tourists.
Judging panel comments:
Wang Yan: The image features bright colors, with some of the shooting angles very interesting.