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The vivo VISION+ Mobile Photography Awards is an important component of the vivo VISION+ initiative.

As a global professional mobile photography contest, launched by vivo inviting National Geographic as a full range of media support, vivo VISION+ Mobile Photography Awards will invite the world-class photographers, including Steve McCurry and Michael Halsband, to judge all works. With "JOY IMAGE" as the core spirit, a number of themes-categories are designed to inspire creators to record memorable moments with their enthusiasm and creativity anytime and anywhere.

In cooperation with national geographic partners, the spirit of vivo VISION + has also been strengthened, and interesting topic activities have been created for fans on National Geographic's social platform.

Steve McCurry
Michael Halsband
Xiao Quan
Wang Yan
Head of National Geographic
Branded Content and Partnership
Yu Meng
General Manager of Imaging Technology, vivo
Who is eligible to participate in the vivo VISION+ Mobile Photography Awards?
The smartphone users worldwide who have full capacity for civil conduct as stipulated by laws and regulations in the country or region where they live. The works that have won awards in other photography contests or have been published in any public journals are unaccepted in the Awards.
2. How can I participate in the Awards?
You can submit your works through the official website of the vivo VISION+ Mobile Photography Awards at http://visionplus.vivo.com. The submission via the email is unaccepted. When submitting your works through the website, you need to log in to the website with your account and authorize the sponsor of the Awards to use the account information as your only identity so that you can upload, view and manage your works. To this end, the sponsor will collect your account ID, user name, and your profile photo. Your login to the website means that you agree with the “User Service Agreement” and “Privacy Policy” on the website of the vivo VISION+ Mobile Photography Awards.
The start time for the candidates to register an account and log in is subject to the notice on the official website of the vivo VISION+ Mobile Photography Awards.
3. Do I have to shoot my works by using vivo smartphone?
All the works in the vivo VISION+ Mobile Photography Awards shall be shot using smartphones, but it is not mandatory to use vivo smartphones (including iQOO), without any limit to the photography time and the brand and model of the smartphone.
4. When is the deadline for me to submit my works?
The deadline for submission is 24:00 Beijing time (UTC +8) on November 20th, 2020. For the sake of the fairness of the Awards,after the deadline , you will no longer be able to upload, change, or delete your work.
5. What are the specifications for the works?
The works are only expected to be processed on the smartphones (the third-party software installed on the smartphone is acceptable as well), only in the JPG format. The short side of each photo shall be no less than 1000 pixels and the size of a single photo shall be no more than 20 megabytes. The video works can be edited by using computers and mobile Apps, but the video clips shall be filmed by smartphones. The size of a single work shall be no more than 150 megabytes, and only the mp4 and mov formats are acceptable.
6. Is there any upper limit to the number of my works?
There is no upper limit to the number in principle. One photo, a collection of photos(a set of no more than 9 photos) or a video clip (no more than 3 minutes) can be counted as one entry item.
7. What should I do if my works fail to be uploaded?
Please contact the sponsor at visionplus@vivo.com if you have any problems with uploading the entries.
8. How do I know which category of awards my entries go for?
You are expected to read the definitions of each category of awards before signing up and submitting your entries to what you deem the most matching categories.
(1). Night: Night is the other side of day - though often neglected artistically. Beneath the darkness lie stories and hidden shades just waiting to be uncovered.
(2). Portrait: The world is a kaleidoscope, and everyone is a piece. Capture the faces that have cast light on your world.
(3). Landscape: Showcase the beautiful nature around you or you’ve encountered while travelling. Share with us the joy it brings..
(4). Motion: Challenge speed, and defy jitter. Zoom in to that heated moment, when one goes all out in pursuit of penultimate performance.
(5). Memories: Use a collection of photos (no more than nine) to express human emotion and local culture. Tell a story that touches your heart.
(6). Story: Create a short video (no more than 3 minutes) on any theme you like.
9. Could I put my works in more than one categories of awards?
Yes, you can. But the same work will be counted as different entry items if it goes for more than one categories of awards.
10. What else information do I need to provide except my works?
Our collection of your information is to provide better services to all users. You need to provide the information about your registration as well as the information you provide or add after you log in to the website, including your profile photo, country or region, profile, email, phone number, age bracket, etc. The works that you submit and the briefs about them should also be provided as well. Among the information, the collection of the username, email, and phone number is to contact you immediately for the award presenting. The collection of the age bracket is for the appraisal and statistics in order to provide better user experience and services. Your profile photo, profile, and country or city will be displayed with your works.
To guarantee your rights and interests during your engagement in the Awards, please make sure that the contact information you provide or fill in is accurate and complete. Any incompletion or inaccuracy will lead to the failure to verify your works and identity, consequently failing to conduct the appraisal and selection of your works and award presenting.
11 How can I check my works that have go for the Awards?
You can check the status of the works that you have uploaded by logging in to the page of "Gallery" in the Personal Center.
12. Why does it show my uploaded works fail to be approved?
The candidates shall pledge to comply with the relevant rules and the applicable laws and regulations of the country they live, and shall not upload any illegal information that involves politics, eroticism, violence, terrorism, among others, and that violate laws and regulations. Those works that violate the national laws and regulations, or that the sponsor deems violate the public order and social morality will be disqualified for the Awards. Those works that violate Clause 8 of the Terms and Conditions of the Awards will also be deemed as disqualified for the contest and will be marked as disapproved.
13. What is the judging mechanism for the Awards?
The works uploaded by every candidate will be audited by the working staff of the Awards and qualified for the appraisal and selection once they pass the auditing (please see the Terms and Conditions of the Awards for more details about the judging criteria). After the deadline for submitting the works, the organizing committee and the preliminary judging panel will select the excellent works that meet the requirements for the final judging before the selected works are finally reviewed by the expert panel. In the event that any work violates the Terms and Conditions of the Awards, or any user actively asks to quit from the Awards or the appraisal and selection, which leads to the disqualification of any candidate for the Awards, the next immediate work or candidate will fill the vacancy left by the disqualified one.
14. What are the awards?
Photographer of the Year (1)
vivo VISION+ Prize: USD $15,000
One vivo smart phone
An award certificate
Publication in National Geographic, and relevant photography exhibitions
Category Winners (6)
vivo VISION+ creation fund: USD $5,000
One vivo smart phone
An award certificate
Publication in National Geographic and relevant photography exhibitions.
Honorable Mention (1)
Vivo VISION+ creation fund: USD $1,000
One vivo mobile phone
An award certificate
Publication in National Geographic and relevant photography exhibitions.
Category Finalists (30)
One vivo mobile phone
An award certificate
* All creation funds are tax inclusive.
* Award certificates will be jointly issued by vivo VISION+ and National Geographic.
15. Do I still have the copyright of my works?
Yes. The copyright of your works still vests in you. You are expected to ensure your possession of the independent, complete, precise and uncontroversial copyright of your works. You shall ensure that your entries do not infringe on any rights of any third parties, including the copyright, right of portrait, right of reputation and right of privacy. All the candidates are deemed to agree with this clause. In case that any disputes arise from the breach of the above-mentioned guarantee by any candidates, he or she shall undertake all the liabilities, which have nothing to do with the sponsor. The candidates, once participating in the Awards, will be deemed to agree to authorize the sponsor and the affiliated entities, as from the submission date , to use their works in the communication, materials and activities of the contest for free, and to introduce this activity and its content in the global online media, print media, printed materials, photo exhibition, retail shops, roadshows, digital contents, outdoor media, and other channels. For that reason, the sponsor will not separately notify the candidates or ask for their consent when using their works.
16. In what way will the sponsor inform me that my works win any awards?
The sponsor will contact the winners mostly by phone or email. Meanwhile, the sponsor will announce the list of the winners on the official website of the vivo VISION+ Mobile Photography Awards for the convenience of your check. The list will be released on December 15, 2020 Beijing time (UTC +8).Please log in to the official website of the vivo VISION+ Mobile Photography Awards for more details.
17. Can I delete the works that I have uploaded?
Yes, you can modify or delete your works that fail to enter or win any awards by visiting “Gallery” after logging in to the official website of the vivo VISION+ Mobile Photography Awards. For the sake of the justice of the Awards however, you are not expected to do so if your works have been counted in the Awards and the judging process is underway, which means that the entry deadline has passed (the “Preliminary Judging Phase” starts) while the " Appraisal and Selection " is not yet. If you do need to remove your works, which will be deemed as a waiver of your qualification for the Awards, please contact us at visionplus@vivo.com.
18. Will my works be displayed around the world?
Since the vivo VISION+ Mobile Photography Awards is a global professional mobile photography contest, your works uploaded will be audited and judged in China in a centralized manner. Your works will be displayed among those of the global users on the website of the vivo VISION+ Mobile Photography Awards after they pass the auditing, and all the users can access your works by visiting the website at http://visionplus.vivo.com/ or through other partnership channels. You can log in to the “Gallery” to modify the status that your works are displayed.
Your works can also be displayed via the partnership channels of the contest besides on the official website of the vivo VISION+ Mobile Photography Awards.
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