About the Academy

The vivo VISION+ Mobile Photography Academy is a public photography education initiative that integrates high-end photography resources to provide professional photography classes for the masses. As a platform where photographers can communicate, learn, practise and share, the Academy enables more people to learn to discover, understand and convey the creative spirit of mobile photography.

The vivo VISION+ Mobile Photography Academy will invite top-notch photographers, including Xiao Quan, to deliver vivo VISION+ Master Class, where vivo users and photography fanatics will walk with these masterminds to capture cultures with their lens. In addition, offline vivo stores will hold salons and workshops all year round to continuously serve people interested in imaging expressions. In particular, the vivo VISION+ Mobile Photography Academy will launch the vivo VISION+ Youth Program, which aims to provide a platform for young photographers in universities and colleges to learn, communicate, create and refine their photography skills, with the hope of allowing young people to inject their creativity and talents into the exploration of the photography value and product innovation.