Picture of the Year
Zhang Yu |Picture of the Year
Daily Life of Four "Big Mouth Monsters"
Creation stories:
Putting hand into shirt and reaching out from the collar, which posture the kids name "huge mouth monster". Look, two monsters are playing with each other, one monster is staring into space, and another is trying to get into a dog hole. This world belongs to kids, just let them have it. What I have captured is nothing more than some ordinary moments of their world.
Judging panel comments:
Michael Halsband: A funny, sweet, playful and curious moment with good composition, catching a perfect moment, and leaving the viewer to wonder what is going on with all four boys in the picture.
Steve McCurry: Who will refuse to experience childhood life again.
Xiao Quan: Through extremely dramatic composition, the picture vividly reflects the kid's optimistic attitude.
Wang Yan: An interesting moment. A great work does not require much decoration. It is usually dramatic moments that are engraved in people's memories and arouse discussions.
Yu Meng: Kids are simple and naive, representing the childlike innocence at the heart of every adult. Sunlight gets through leaves and spills on the floor and walls, giving warmth to the whole scene. The audience would feel at peace and optimistic when relieving daily worries and adjusting condition.
Honorable Mention
Creation stories
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Gaze at the moon
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